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Where Are They Now?

Ray Davies is a creative and often erudite song-writer, known by many for his work in pop music and, by some of us, his rock operas as well. Working mainly with the Kinks, his lyrical content ranges from current events, to popular themes, to some that are more timeless, and philosophical.  During the height of […]

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Causal Theory of Truth

Introduction To anyone who is not acquainted with its far reaching implications, the Liar Paradox may seem only a funny quirk of language, a kind of puzzling feature of certain types of sentences.  For those who have studied the Liar, it is much more than that.   The Liar Paradox is a problem in the way […]

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How I Will Probably Reduce My Belt Size through Learning and Action (or, Cause and Effect for Fun and for Profit)

This paper is not really about reducing my belt size, although I will come to that eventually so that the reader will not accuse me of false advertising.  Instead, I want to talk about some of my observations regarding how earthlings think.  Specifically, how humans learn things, the trap of binary, “either/or thinking,” and how […]

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