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  • The Two Hedgehogs
    January 27, 2021
    Once upon a time, there were two hedgehogs.   One was tall, the other was quick, and both enjoyed eating very much.  Quick Hedgehog would share recipes with Tall Hedgehog, who would say things like, “That sounds pretty cool, but I need the measurements if I am going to make it.”  Other times, Tall would
  • War Trees
    May 4, 2019
    (A side conversation, edited out of The Human Scale) “You know how sometimes, in a grove of oak trees,” Indy began as though they had already been chatting, “sometimes there are little groups of smaller oaks clumped together?  I mean, there might be lots of giant oaks in the grove, of such size as would
  • At Water’s Edge
    October 3, 2018
        “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” —Winnie the Pooh I stopped just short of the water’s edge.  I hadn’t expected this situation at all, as the trail was well worn, and seemed like it should continue. In this place, there were even stepping stones, poached from
  • Karma Days
    April 3, 2018
    Roger’s world was getting smaller. He could feel it in the way it fit. Like a pair of jeans, shrinking with each wash, it was apparent that he could not wear it much longer. There was a smell, a taste to this place, which reminded him of his childhood; but he couldn’t place the exact
  • Beth’s Coupon
    January 3, 2018
    At nearly twelve years old, my daughter Ellie had shown no obvious signs of leaving the fairy world of early childhood behind.  On any particular afternoon her room would become the site of dinosaur stampedes, tea parties with the queen, or volcanoes made of pillows.  Her pretend games seemed just as vibrant has they had
  • To Change the Channel
    April 3, 2017
    I listen to the radio every morning.  As I drive, I get news, commentary, interviews with interesting people, and sometimes a bit of music.  It’s an hour of contemplation, introspection, and peace which serves to enhance my sanity and overall wellbeing.  I’ve come to know and love the hosts of the morning programs and, in
  • Letters from Mozher Sound, C001
    January 3, 2017
    Letters from Mozher Sound Correspondence 001 (Excerpted from a longer work, in progress.) Om Waden, I think I’ve been at this too long.  People are beginning to tease me for the way I talk, because I have fallen into the habit of speaking the old form of English!  It should be no surprise, I suppose
  • Fountain of Youth
    July 3, 2016
    Vern read the article no less than three times, then set the paper down on the table next to his half-eaten breakfast. Why was this in the B-section?  “I don’t know which is more incredible,” he spoke aloud to the empty chair across from him, “the fact that they can make you younger, or the
  • Harvey Mayhem and the Jesus Peach
    April 1, 2016
    As I stood there, watching the smoke making its lazy trek heavenward in the tepid evening air of late July, I could not help thinking that I’d missed something.  In fact, even given the intervening years and the hours spent in the company of Harvey, I still cannot say that I understand exactly what had

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  • Where Are They Now?
    January 3, 2019
    Ray Davies is a creative and often erudite song-writer, known by many for his work in pop music and, by some of us, his rock operas as well. Working mainly with the Kinks, his lyrical content ranges from current events, to popular themes, to some that are more timeless, and philosophical.  During the height of
  • Causal Theory of Truth
    July 3, 2018
    Introduction To anyone who is not acquainted with its far reaching implications, the Liar Paradox may seem only a funny quirk of language, a kind of puzzling feature of certain types of sentences.  For those who have studied the Liar, it is much more than that.   The Liar Paradox is a problem in the way
  • How I Will Probably Reduce My Belt Size through Learning and Action (or, Cause and Effect for Fun and for Profit)
    July 3, 2017
    This paper is not really about reducing my belt size, although I will come to that eventually so that the reader will not accuse me of false advertising.  Instead, I want to talk about some of my observations regarding how earthlings think.  Specifically, how humans learn things, the trap of binary, “either/or thinking,” and how